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You are an imposter! The real Tom Fulp would have awarded me the tank for best audio submission of the year and possibly user of the year but almost certainly best flash submission of the year!

How do you sleep at night.

5/5 for style
10/10 for looking exactly like Tom Fulp

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Slightly Addictive

Let me be honest, this was not what I had expected. I am in general not interested in puzzles because they're dull and repetitive. I caught myself getting addicted to this game though, so kudos for that.

I have a question. If you "borrowed" elements from other games, then how does it make your game original?

Megadev responds:

I think the end result is original, even if it does "borrow" elements from several genres. A few people have described it as a "mash-up"; a combination of two or three genres, which I think is a good way of describing Knightfall. I think there's very few completely original games anymore - just about every so-called original title contains something that's been seen in another game, but I think that if you look at it as a whole then you couldn't say it's just like Puzzle Quest or just like Mr.Driller. :-)

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Epic Carny Shit

First off, I thought it was just some random kid having at it with Fruity Loops, then the beat kicked in and suddenly it was some serious (weird) nice shit.



Hey Brando!

This is one groovy track. I'd love to hear a full version. Lovin' the vocals & diggin' the synth. The qualities of this piece are well mastered.

Overall I'd say if you keep this up, you'll quickly ascend to star-status :).

Please make this one a full track.

Voted 5.


Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks very much Whittaker, I'll try my best to get a number of pieces finished these holidays. I'm glad you liked it.

The synth was made with 3xosc and now that I have an extra month's experience using 3xosc I could make that synth so much better than it is now. Someone mentioned those vocals would get fairly repetitive bu I think I have ideas in store to prevent that.

I would have to mainly blame my computer for the lack of submissions from me. Since I'm making more detailed stuff my computer cant handle it, so it really gets me with the lag. I have a really good dance song coming up but the lag is really stopping me from finishing.

I'm confident I have a slight star status, I just need to keep everyone updated with *finished* songs.

Thanks for the rate and review.

-Cheers Brando


I very much enjoyed this, especially all the FX details and it's catchy rythm! I heard it once and I instantly downloaded it! Listening to this has almost become an addiction for me now :). So much variation in this track it's amazing. I can never get tired of this!

5/5, 10/10

I want to hear more of this!


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